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Smart Curtain System

Smart Curtain System


In the morning, the curtains open, allowing the environment to benefit from natural daylight, it can come to an intermediate position during the day, and it closes again in the evening. Thanks to your smart curtains, you can create the most comfortable environment for you by balancing the use of natural and artificial light in the best way. Within the scope of the World Paris Agreement, by making use of solar heat and renewable energy, you not only support the reduction of low carbon footprint emissions, but also support both your home budget and our nature.



During the summer months, if you wish, your curtains can be closed automatically during the hours when your home is sunny. Thus, the interior of the house remains cool. Your furniture, plants or pets are protected from the hot sun and extreme heat even when you are not at home. In winter, the curtains open automatically to let daylight in. You contribute to energy savings by heating your home with the help of the natural heat source, the sun.



Do you enjoy watching movies with your family on the weekend? With a touch of your smartphone, you can activate your movie scene and turn your room into a movie theater. It also customizes your business life with the ease of use and comfort it provides in your offices and meeting rooms.



When you buy a new curtain system or your existing curtain system, you can apply smart curtain installation into the main pipe of your existing and new curtain without any cutting, drilling, screwing with an average of 1 minute operation. It automatically adjusts the fully open, fully closed half and zebra positions at the set times. Vertical roller blinds allow you to adjust your tulle roller blinds and cinema curtains in the desired position.



Motorized curtains, which work with the nature-friendly renewable energy (Solar panel included in the system) system, which we have designed as a result of the R&D activities of our company, are the first step for you to make your life at home more convenient and comfortable. With our smartphone app or remote, you can protect your privacy and offer yourself a cozy and comfortable environment without sacrificing your living space.



Your curtains close automatically when it gets dark in the evening. Thus, you can spend time with your family peacefully at home without worrying about foreign eyes watching from the outside. Even when you are out of the house, your curtain movements, controlled by the smart curtain programming system, always make your presence felt in the environment. It provides a deterrent feature to malicious people.



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