Dealership Application

About Us

  • In recent years, we have carried out R&D studies for the needs of many different sectors. The products we developed operated primarily in the Security, Education and Health Sectors.
  • We are conducting R&D studies for the UAV0, UAV1, UAV2 and UAV3 Class Unmanned Aerial Vehicles that we have been working on for many years. As a result of the research and development phases, our work in the P&D section has also started.
  • Apart from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, we also put into service the deficiencies we see in certain sectors by producting them. The product, which we call the Smart Curtain System and which we have started to mass produce, brings a solution to an important problem of the sector.
  • On the one hand, in order to provide a solution to the air pollution brought by our age, our Ozone Air Purifier to be used in closed environments is in the process of mass production.
    We aim to have a much more diverse product structure by expanding the investment resources for many projects.
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